Mold in a Eddington, ME home or office can adversely affect the health of people and pets who live and work amid its presence. In some cases, mold has fatal consequences for those exposed to its toxicity. Mold spores are found everywhere, particularly in worksite and household dust, potentially resulting in respiratory distress, allergic reactions and even neurological damage.

While not all mold in Eddington, ME produces mycotoxins—poisonous metabolites capable of causing death and disease—a variety of molds can biodegrade organic materials like wood and water-soluble minerals (including gypsum, used in drywall/sheetrock), leading to property damage. Left unchecked, mold can quickly form into unsightly large colonies wherever moisture or humidity exist. If you have noticed mold in your Maine home, please call IOPB at 833-300-0142 immediately.

Eddington, ME Mold Testing Services

Clearly, indoor molds can be highly hazardous to your health. IOPB Services of Eddington, ME specializes in testing for the presence of molds found in living spaces. We're available for on-site inspections to assess the damage caused by mold infestations. If discovered, we'll recommend a course of action to remove the mold and remediate all affected areas and furnishings. We're here to protect your family and your Eddington business from potentially life-threatening diseases caused by dangerous and destructive molds.

Types of Maine Mold

black mold on door in Eddington A species of fungus, molds are generally classified by formation and shape. But you, the property owner, need to be vigilant for three Maine mold types:

Toxic Black Mold What is "black mold"? Scientifically, it is the Stachybotrys genus of molds encompassing some 50 species. Black mold is widely found in the U.S. among water damaged building material. It causes low indoor air quality (IAQ) and almost always occurs after cellulosic materials such as wood, drywall and wallpaper remain wet or moist for 24-48 hours without drying.

Black mold produces toxins that cause a medical condition known as sick building syndrome (SBS). Prolonged exposure usually increases the severity of symptoms but once contaminated areas are remediated, the health of those affected quickly improves. Complaints of SBS include headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and eye, nose and throat irritation. Black mold can also poison pets; cats have died from pulmonary hemorrhages caused by a toxin produced by black mold.

Mycotoxic Mold In Maine Mycotoxic molds may cause allergic reactions to those exposed and can suppress a person's natural immunity to illnesses. Prolonged exposure can lead to cancer and death.

Maine Pathogenic Mold This type of mold is especially hazardous to those undergoing chemotherapy or with compromised immune systems.

Mold Remediation & Removal Eddington, ME

Eddington, ME mold testing by tech Our professionally trained staff of Eddington mold removal experts uses antibacterial and antimicrobial solvents to kill mold found inside your home or business—even those found on furniture or personal belongings. First, we contain the damage by removing water and moisture that could allow the proliferation of mold to other areas of your structure. Where mold has weakened walls or flooring, we carefully remove all decayed or crumbling material. We may be able to initiate repairs depending upon the severity of damage and scope of infestation.

The job isn't finished until we perform our Eddington, ME mold remediation services to prevent mold from returning. These steps may include applying anti-microbial encapsulants to protect exposed areas and painting or sealing wood components to completely restore your healthy environment. All of our services are fully guaranteed and come with warranties for your protection and peace of mind.

So don't delay! Call IOPB Services of Eddington, ME today to guard yourself against the debilitating effects of hazardous molds. Protect your Maine property as well as the health of those who live and work in mold-affected environments. Remember, once mold colonizes in a structure, only trained and qualified professionals can assure you of effective mold removal and remediation. Don't take chances. Contact IOPB Services by calling 833-300-0142 to completely remove mold in your Eddington, ME home or business and prevent it from returning—guaranteed!

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