The damages caused by a fire in Ashaway, RI can be catastrophic. And it's more than just the destruction of property by combustion. Smoke and soot go hand in hand with fire, leaving smoke odors in carpets, upholstered furniture, draperies and clothing long after the blaze is extinguished. Smoke contamination may even penetrate cupboards and cabinets, leaving smelly and sooty residue on dishes, glassware and interior surfaces. Not only does smoke and soot discolor walls and other absorbent materials within mere minutes, the resulting residue is a biohazard, full of chemical compounds which invariably migrate into a building's HVAC systems.

If fire ravages your commercial or residential Ashaway, RI property, you need the knowledgeable services of expert fire and smoke damage remediators. The professionals at IOPB Services of Ashaway, RI are experienced and skilled in the restoration of buildings and furnishing damaged by fire, smoke and soot. Don't delude yourself into thinking you alone can handle cleanup and restoration following a destructive fire. In fact, those inexperienced in fire and smoke remediation often cause additional destruction and expense to the premises. IOPB Services personnel employ the full gamut of professional cleaning equipment and best practices to comprehensively clean and restore everything with fire damage in Ashaway, RI, even deep inside air vents and ductwork.

Ashaway Fire Damage

Ashaway, Rhode Island home fire damage The fire damage in Ashaway, RI can range from an inferno to localized flash fires caused by faulty appliances or careless cooking practices. Even relatively small blazes can wreak havoc with a building's electrical and HVAC systems, knocking them out of service until repairs and/or inspections are made.

Put our experience in dealing with the fire damage restoration in Ashaway, Rhode Island. IPOB Services of Ashaway uses the latest technology and procedures to remediate your property to its pre-fire condition. We follow a systematic, comprehensive approach that keeps you abreast of the job's progress while documenting all work performed. You'll be happy with our detailed reports and so will your insurance company.

Smoke & Soot Cleanup in Ashaway

soot damage in a Ashaway, Rhode Island home Since heat rises, the most common areas where smoke and soot damage occurs is immediately above the blaze of a fire. Hence the largest concentration of smoke residue generally occurs on the ceiling over a fire. Moreover, since cold air sinks below hot air, smoke can travel along floors and lower levels of a structure to eventually discolor exterior walls and windows. This is why smoke residue is commonly seen on outside walls even if the fire occurs well within the interior of a building. IOPB in Ashaway, RI uses degreasing cleansers to remove oily soot and HEPA vacuum cleaners followed by dry sponge cleaning to remove dry soot. Remember, soot damage in Ashaway, Rhode Island can permanently discolors all porous materials. Its acidity will soon stain other surfaces if not promptly removed. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, materials and items can't be rehabilitated from the scourge of soot and must be discarded. We of course always confirm with property owners before disposing of any soot-damaged items. Rhode Island IOPB Services understands the science behind Ashaway, RI building fires and smoke damage. Our able staff is trained to seek out all compromised areas and remediate the damage found. We know what to look for and where to find it.

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